Episode 7

Published on:

2nd Aug 2022

How to Overcome Fear and Become A Great Leader | Sal Frisella

Sal Frisella is a former multi-sport athlete and current president of 1st Phorm. After a run in minor league baseball with the St. Louis Cardinals organization, a career-ending leg injury in 2006 dramatically changed the trajectory of Sal’s life. He began working for Johnson and Johnson where he sold medical devices. In 2010, Sal joined his brother Andy at 1st Phorm. The mission of 1st Phorm is to design high-quality, research-backed products to solve problems that we all face while trying to improve our health, performance, and physique.


In addition to being President of 1st Phorm, Sal is the co-founder of a non-profit organization “30 for the Kids” which feeds, clothes, educates, and houses 46 orphans in Haiti. Sal is also a co-host of the top-ranked podcast RealAF with Andy Frisella.


 In this episode we discuss:

·      Overcoming the fear of failure

·      How to become a great leader with a “Us” not “Me” mindset

·      What does real leadership look like?

·      How to build a team that feels like family

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